31 Jan
Advantages of holistic therapy and full body Nuru Massage London

Advantages of holistic therapy and full body Nuru Massage London


Advantages of holistic therapy and full body Nuru Massage London

Nuru massage or therapy is one of the oldest forms of massage that is linked with the healthcare and is being performed even today. It is actually a set of techniques that are used to move the sensitive body tissues and different body parts. The aim of the holistic therapy is to make sure that the blood circulated in the entire body without any blockage and issues. This massage also helps to remove the toxic element from the body by improving the heart beat and by releasing muscle tension. It is also worth mentioning that the glands in the body which produce the natural pain killers are also stimulated through this technique of holistic therapy. The main functions that are performed by the holistic therapy are cleansing for skin cells and detoxification of the internal organs.

What is a full body Nuru massage?

It is a form of massage in which each and every part of the body is treated with the help of therapeutic message. It includes the head, arms, shoulders and back. Most of the spas operating today offer a full body massage in Central London. There are two categories of a full body massage with different time limits required to perform them. The complete nuru massage in which the therapist concentrates a single part of the body requires only 30 minutes completing and the massage in which each part is treated equally requires an hour in general. There are several benefits of a full body massage and it is to be noted that these benefits are same for the holistic therapy as well. Below mentioned are some of them:

Advantages of therapy and full body nuru massage

Controls breathing issues Holistic therapy and the complete body massage ensure that the respiratory system of the body works at the very best. They are also regarded as a boon when it comes to deep breathing techniques. Deep breathing is required to make sure that the oxygen reaches the tissue as well as the cell level. It hence increases the volume of oxygen in the body which is necessary for proper working of internal organs such as heart, lungs and liver. It has also been observed that if the required oxygen levels are not there in the body cells then different complications arise such as stretched muscles, headaches and related diseases. The deep oxygen intake also allows the body to build a strong immune system.

Purifies the skin

The massive circulation of oxygen due to holistic therapy and the full erotic massage London also ensure that the face and skin cells also get advantage from it. These methods help to eliminate the melanin pigment which causes the formation of black and white heads onto the skin due to the fact that the pores of the skin do not get enough oxygen. Sometimes oils and creams are also used for a full body massage and hence these products also make sure that the external skin is also revitalized and gets the moisture.

Improves joint strength

It is an advent fact that each and every joint of the body works the most during the day time and hence due to continuous stress they become tired. It is for the same reason that most of the people complaint about joint issues and increase in uric acid. Full body massage or the holistic therapy ensures that the joints are also treated in a gentle way so that they become less stressed. It is therefore advised to always ask the therapist to focus on joints so that they can recover in a quick manner. These techniques will also ensure that the joint flexibility increases.

Improved blood circulation

Full body Nuru massage London will also ensure that the veins and arteries are enlarged. It will have a dual effect on the body. First of all oxygen will be carried to the different parts of the body without any issue. Secondly this increased amount of oxygen will also ensure that the metabolic system of the body works in an effective manner. It has been proven by the medical sciences that the metabolic rate of the body depends upon the oxygen intake and for the same reason full body massage makes sure that the metabolic rates are increased resultantly cholesterol levels are also decreased.